August progress, retirement epiphany, and goals for September


I can hardly believe it is just a month since I set myself the following goals for August:

  1. Decide which funds to use for my stocks and shares ISA
  2. Increase income by selling on eBay

It’s not a long list, and I’ll deal with these quickly:

  1. Unexpectedly, I had to switch ISA provider. Suffice to say I’m waiting for funds to be moved to the new platform, so will pick funds this month.
  2. I sold 5 items, for a grand total of £15.69! Not exactly a wild success, but small steps…

Retirement Epiphany

However, the reason I can’t believe it’s been just a month since I set those goals is that mentally I feel a lot has changed.

It may sound dramatic, but I would describe my realisation a couple of weeks ago that I want to retire at 55 as an epiphany!

Maybe it’s the effect of having one clear financial goal, but I feel differently somehow. Inspired and, yes, excited! To achieve the goal I am going to have to find ways of earning more money, and my mind has been racing with ideas. Some have been there for a while, but there’s been a subtle shift and I’m suddenly full of new determination to actually try some out. This blog is called ‘a year of thinking about money’, and in the past few weeks I haven’t been able to stop thinking. Not about money exactly, but about what I could do, what changes I could make, to earn money in new ways. It’s about lessening the risk of being dependent on my salary, and being more in control of my earnings.

I’ve read a number of books over the past few weeks:

How to Start a Business Without Any Money’ by Rachel Bridge – if you’re at all interested in doing exactly what the title says, then read this book, it’s excellent!

A Bit on the Side: 500 Ways to Boost Your Income’ by Jasmine Birtles – this is a completely different type of book, but excellent for brain-storming. It’s full of suggestions for how to earn ‘a bit on the side’ – selling your hair anyone?! – and I defy anyone to read it and not find at least 10 ideas that they couldn’t try themselves.

So what does this sudden awareness of my new financial goal mean for my targets in September?

  1. Decide which funds to use for my stocks and shares ISA (again…)
  2. Increase income by selling on eBay (again…). I’m going to help this along by giving myself a kick up the backside with point # 3…
  3. Declutter, and specifically attempt the 30-day Minimalism Game #MinsGame set by The Minimalists. It will involve getting rid of 1 item on 1st September, 2 items 2nd September, 3 items on 3rd, and so on. It’s already the 4th, so I’m playing catch-up and have 10 to find today…
  4. Investigate if any of the ideas I have for making money have ‘legs’. At the moment, ideas are bouncing around my head. Are any worth pursuing, either because they involve less work so are easier to fit in around my day job, or because they have more potential to make money? Thoughts include investing in property, setting up a local pet-sitting service, and an idea for a product I’d like to sell.
  5. Redesign my blog and choose myself a new WordPress theme. Any tips or suggestions for what to look for from more experienced bloggers will be very welcome here!

I’m so full of enthusiasm I actually can’t wait to get cracking on these over the coming month!

Image: Pixabay

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Re no. 5 on your list, I’m a lot less experienced than you (only blogging since July) but I found it quite easy to pick a new wordpress theme. I didn’t bother with a theme at first, because I wanted to get on with my first post and I also thought you had to spend money on a theme. Turns out, you don’t- there are hundreds of free themes, you can download several and preview how it looks for your site before making your final decision. Although its easy from a technical perspective, its quite time consuming as there are just so many! Look forward to seeing how your site looks with a new theme…

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks, that encourages me to just get on with it! I’ve been put off by too much choice, also lack of time to sit down and try a few out – but hope to have a new one up and running soon!

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