Q2 2017 financial goals for the quarter ahead!

Q2 2017 Financial Goals

I’ve recently reviewed my financial achievements over the first 4 months of the year (the major one was launching my cat sitting business), so it’s now time for my first quarterly goal-setting post. Yes, it’s May, so it’s 2 months not a quarter, but I guess that just means I have to work extra hard to make up for having less time!

So, what would I like to achieve before the half-year mark?  

Cat-sitting business – yes, it’s launched, now I need to get some clients!

  1. Deliver my leaflets. I’ve started delivering some flyers locally to homes local to me, and would like to finish delivering these in the next couple of months (it’s a lot more time-consuming than you might think!)
  2. Link my business Facebook site to my cat-sitting website. It took me some time to get to grips with setting up a business Facebook site, but now it’s live I need to actually link the two sites together. I’m guessing this will be very quick and easy, but it still needs doing.
  3. Possibly market the business via a couple of local online community groups, and local networking.
  4. Hopefully get my first paying client for the business! This is the ultimate aim after all! A neighbour has already asked me to cat sit in June, but I’d really like to get a new, paying, client, who didn’t already know me beforehand. Someone who has seen my website, or leaflet, and who has decided to give me a call.

Blogging – I’m feeling motivated!

  1. Set up a Facebook page for my blog. I can put my new experience with business Facebook pages (ha!) to good use, and do the same for this blog.
  2. Join the UK Money Bloggers group. I follow some of the bloggers from this group, so I’d like to get more involved (if they’ll have me!).
  3. Generally spend a bit of time working on my blog. Both writing, but also looking into some of the more technical aspects such as SEO, and images. (You would not believe how I struggle with images!) A change of theme is probably on the cards at some point too.

All the rest….

  1. We are about to spend a lot of money on home renovations, starting with new windows, probably followed in quick succession by a new kitchen, and possibly a new roof. Aargh! This is scary stuff financially, as every part of me wants to save money, yet we can’t put off this work for much longer. We’ll need to work out our finances carefully over the next few months to ease my mind in spending such vast sums.
  2. Start proof-reading a book for my husband so that he can self-publish (this might roll over into next quarter too…)
  3. Start to think more about some of the ideas I have following on from the trade show I attended a few weeks ago. Details to come at some point!
  4. Change broadband / telephone provider. We’re with TalkTalk currently, and have started getting intermittent broadband connections. They can’t seem to work out the problem, and we’re probably paying over the odds too, so it may well be time to move….
  5. Chase energy supplier about new tariff, it seems to be taking a very long time to sort…

I think that’s enough for me to be getting on with over the next few weeks! I’d be interested to know what you think, and what you’re working on too.

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