Q2 2017 – Quarterly Review of Financial Goals

The sun in shining, we’re into July, which means it’s time to review how I did with my goals for the past quarter. They were mostly split between working on my cat-sitting business (progress!), and blogging (no progress!), with a few other bits thrown in for good measure. Let’s take a look…

Cat-sitting business – get some clients!

I’m employed, so setting up this business is a way of trying to earn some extra money to get me closer to retiring at 55. I finally launched the business at the end of April, and the rest of this quarter was all about marketing to get some clients. I wrote most of this review about a week ago, when I asked the question ‘Has it worked yet?’, to which the answer was ‘Erm, no….!’ I’d had queries from 3 potential clients, but no bookings. Yet, one week later, I had another query, and also ….drum roll please…now have a client! Goals below.

  1. Deliver my leaflets. I’d already started delivering flyers locally and wanted to get this finished. Have I? I’ve covered about 80% of the immediate area, but still have more roads to do, and am unsure at the moment if I’ll continue. It’s hugely time-consuming, inefficient as many of the households don’t have cats, and I’m undecided if it’s worth it. However, this is how I got my first client, and I’ve had another promising call directly from the flyer.
  2. Link my business Facebook site to my business website. I thought this would be very quick and easy, but as with EVERYTHING (!) it took me longer than I thought. This is mostly because I don’t know how to use Facebook – I’m very inactive personally on Facebook. However, I now have a Facebook feed on my website, and website posts will appear on Facebook.
  3. Marketing via local online community groups, and local networking. I’d considered this as a possibility for the quarter, but with no clients up until last week, and with the summer holidays looming, I changed tack and have just started this in earnest. My flyers are now in the local vets, pet grooming salon, pet shop, beauty salon, a newsagent’s window, and a coffee shop! I’m on yell.com, and posted an ad on Kahuti (Streetlife-type online community group). I’ve also finally asked neighbours whose cats I’ve looked after to recommend me (I know, obvious starting place, but I felt awkward asking!), and I’ve started to put these on the website and Facebook site.
  4. Get my first new, paying client. YES! This is what counts, and hopefully it’s the start of things to come.

As I take little steps with the business, new tasks crop up. This quarter, the big one was designing a contract, and terms and conditions. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ask clients to sign one, but after worrying about worst-case scenarios when I first had interest from a potential client, I decided it’s for the best. This took some time, trying to cover all bases but keep it simple at the same time, but I’ve come up with something I’m happy with. I now have a pack of paperwork ready to go when the phone ring!

Blogging – I was feeling motivated!

I didn’t do any of these goals! When I set my quarterly goals, I was feeling motivated. However, I only have so much motivation, and it was used up on the cat-sitting. Just as a recap, this is what I was aiming for.

  1. Set up a Facebook page for my blog.
  2. Join the UK Money Bloggers group.
  3. Generally spend a bit of time working on my blog, writing, also SEO and images.

All the rest….

  1. Work out our finances ready for spending a lot of money on home renovations. Yes! New windows are on the way! We finally agreed pricing we’re happy with, with a company we like, and will be getting new windows fitted in September. Then it will be onto the roof and kitchen….but for now, step 1 is done!   
  2. Start proof-reading a book for my husband so that he can self-publish. Not really! I’ve skimmed it and given some initial comments, but haven’t looked at it in detail.
  3. Work on ideas for another business following a trade show I attended earlier this year. No!
  4. Change broadband / telephone provider. No!
  5. Chase energy supplier about new tariff. Done! We’ve changed tariff, but our payments are higher than expected because of an outstanding balance that had built up on the account over the winter. This is worth bearing in mind if you use MSE’s Cheap Energy Club as I did, as it doesn’t prompt you to query this first with your supplier, or allow you to input any outstanding balance. I’d be interested if anyone knows of a better comparison tool!

So, it’s clear my efforts have mostly been around trying to get the cat-sitting business off the ground, and I’m fine with that. Goals for the next quarter to come soon!

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2 Responses

  1. I know the feeling of not blogging as much as you should! I haven’t posted for six months, something needs to change!

    Good luck with your journey, and I hope your business does well.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks very much James! I’ve just checked over on your site and can see why you’ve not had much time for blogging 🙂 good luck with getting back into it and the new ventures!

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