My first UK Money Bloggers conference and the 2017 SHOMO awards!

My First UK Money Bloggers Conference!

Yesterday found me in London for my first visit to ‘Show Me The Money Bloggers 3’, the third annual conference of UK Money Bloggers. It’s a chance for bloggers who write about personal finance and saving money to come out from behind their laptops and meet in person, and is topped off by the SHOMOs, an awards ceremony to recognise the best UK money blogs.

UK money bloggers are a friendly bunch!

It’s a bit daunting going to a conference where you know no-one, more so when established bloggers are already in a community. Also a bit weird meeting someone in person for the first time who you feel you already know because you’ve seen their photo and read their blog online!

Thanks to Andy Webb, founder of UK Money Bloggers and the blog ‘Be Clever With Your Cash’, who made the effort to chat to everyone attending, welcomed me to the fold, and introduced me to other bloggers, hugely appreciated.

Everyone was warm, welcoming, keen to find out about each other’s blogs and share their experiences. I started writing about my finances last year and, if you’re also a money blogger thinking of attending, maybe a bit nervous because you’re starting out and your blog is small compared to other high profile ones, then I can report that UK money bloggers are a friendly bunch, and you should go!

There’s a money blog for everyone!

The day was a great way of finding out more about the multitude of money blogs in the UK. There’s something for everyone, from parenting blogs, investing and retirement blogs, to frugal and thrift blogs, reflected in the number of SHOMO award categories. If you’re interested in seeing who is writing about personal finance in the UK, you could do worse than check out the nominees and winners of the different awards. Congratulations to everyone!


Chatting to so many people doing the same thing, in a different way, it’s impossible to come away without new ideas, new enthusiasm, and learning something from someone who knows more than you! There were panel discussions and breakout groups on topics such as saving money, monetising your blog, self-publishing, e-courses, and social media tips such as running Facebook groups. There was a huge amount of talent and expertise in the room which, more importantly, everyone was freely sharing to help others. Thanks to all!

What were my highlights?

There were over 100 bloggers at the event, so it was impossible to speak to everyone. I’ve picked just a handful of the highlights and tips from my day below. If any other money bloggers are reading this who also attended yesterday, I’d love to hear about your highlights and top tips! 

Di Coke self-publishing tips

I attended the breakout session on self-publishing by Di Coke who runs the Super Lucky Me blog. She’s published the e-book Blog Giveaways, also the book SuperLucky Secrets, and kindly shared with us tips on how to go about publishing our own content. I’ve mentioned before how one of my goals is to help my husband self-publish a book he’s written, and I’m a step closer following this session.  

Financial coaching

I’d never heard of this before! In a previous life I was a financial adviser, yet rather than providing regulated product-specific advice, this is educating clients with generic information to help them take control of their finances. Thanks to Cat Plummer for explaining what this is!

Blog regularly

Even if you blog infrequently, blog regularly, for example on the first day of every month, so that readers know when to expect a new post. This is definitely something I can improve upon, thanks Zoe at Eco Thrifty Living!

Think of your target audience and what they want to read

I’m mostly interested in saving for retirement, especially if you’re worried you may have left it too late. Sara at Debt Camel, who focuses on helping people with debt, gave me a timely reminder to think about questions my target audience may have and what they’d like to read, also to plan ahead with blog posts. Great advice!

Thanks to everyone who helped bring together such a great event, and it was lovely to meet so many bloggers in one room. For any money bloggers who didn’t attend, I’d be happy to answer any questions. For those who did, I’d love to hear about your personal highlights and why! 


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4 Responses

  1. Robert Fortes says:

    Thanks very much for this. It is very interesting. I never knew that such a group existed. It is great news. thank you also for forwarding some of the tips – they are very useful. Best wishes, Robert

  2. weenie says:

    Thanks for sharing this and it’s good to hear that you enjoyed it and learned some useful stuff too.

    In the early days of SHOMO, I was tempted to attend, but I decided that I preferred the smaller ‘niche’ of bloggers aiming for FIRE, so instead made the effort to attend the FIRE gatherings organised by Huw from FFB40.

    Financial coaching – that’s what I often attempt on my friends after a few drinks when we’re out, although I didn’t know it was called that, haha!

    I’m surprised Monevator got beaten by 7 Circles, although I do read both, the latter I think contains more stuff for experienced investors.

    • Sarah says:

      Ha ha! I wouldn’t like to think what financial wisdom I might come out with after a few drinks! It surprised me just how many different types of money blogs there are. I don’t read most of them – not enough hours in the day! – but it was a great intro, and useful to pick up general blogging tips. I should check out the FIRE events, as that’s what I’m trying to achieve. It’s great to chat to others doing something similar at these events, as most people in ‘real life’ aren’t really that interested!

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