Q2 2018 Review of Financial Goals

Q2 2018 Review of Financial Goals

It’s hot, we’ve moved into July, which means that not only are we now enjoying summer, but another quarter, and half of the year, have passed. This quarter, I reached a milestone. Yes, I celebrated the 1-year anniversary of my cat-sitting business! Before I look at what else happened this quarter, it’s time for a reminder of the goals I set myself 3 months ago.

Q2 2018 financial goals

  1. Increase marketing for cat-sitting, to try and get some new clients for the summer holidays
  2. Possibly attend trade show to get some ideas and motivation for another business idea
  3. Finalise decisions on our kitchen, and hopefully get it started or even done
  4. Shop around for new household insurance
  5. Get a regular writing routine

So, how did I do?

  1. Yes! I spent a few hours delivering flyers to local houses, and have dropped off extra leaflets at the local vets, but otherwise haven’t spent much time actively marketing the business. However, I gained 5 new clients: 2 from the vets, 2 from referrals, and 1 from Google. This brings the total number of new clients this year to 7, which means I’ve exceeded the target of 6 I set myself at the start of the year. These are at the new higher pricing I introduced, and all are very local. I’m pleased!
  2. Yes! I went to the trade show, saw what others were doing, and came away inspired. This is still on the back-burner, but it’s something that is getting closer.
  3. Yes! We have the builder booked and will be getting a new kitchen in 2 weeks! Many more decisions to make about appliances and flooring, but the big decisions are made. Just need to pay for it now….
  4. Yes! I ended up staying with the same provider as they were competitive, but I still checked to make sure, so feel comfortable with what I spent.
  5. No! I’ve been writing intermittently, though I’ve been thinking a lot about it! Hopefully this might translate into some ideas for fiction making it onto paper soon. I’ve also drafted some changes to this blog, so they’ll be some improvements (hopefully!) on that front soon.


I’m impatient. I want more cat-sitting business, more progress on my other ideas and more writing. However, I’m distracted by everyday life too, and all of this has to fit in around my ‘normal’ job. Generally though I’m satisfied. It’s time to think now of my goals for the coming quarter. Happy summer!

Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

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