Q3 2018 Financial Goals

Q3 2018 Financial Goals

I feel a little as if it’s ‘more of the same’ each quarter at present, and that I’m losing track of the aim of all this. I’ve been focused on growing my cat-sitting business, but have been caught up in its day-to-day activities. It’s time to remember just why I’m trying to earn extra income, which is to help me retire early. I don’t feel I’m much further forward, so I think it’s probably time to remind myself of the end game and to reassess where I am.

Big picture

  1. Work out the minimum pension pot I need. I’m getting impatient and frustrated and want change. I want to be closer than I am to being financially independent. This quarter I want to reassess just how much I already have saved, the minimum income I could live on now and when retired, and how much there is still to do.  


  1. Get another 6 new cat-sitting clients. I was aiming for 6 new clients over the course of the year, and managed 7 in the first 6 months. I’ll set myself a new target of achieving another 6 over the second half of the year.
  2. Complete my first tax return. Urgh! I need to see how much profit I earned in year 1 after tax, and invest the rest.
  3. Invest profits. So far I’ve left the income in a bank account which isn’t going to get me much closer to my long-term goal. Investing the profit is ultimately what this is all about, and my equity ISA is where it’s heading.
  4. Work out the impact of cat-sitting on my early retirement goal. I now have information on how much I earned last year, and an idea of what I might earn this year. It will be interesting to link this to the big picture, and to look at what difference this extra income, once invested, will make to my early retirement goal.


  1. Work out the financial damage from spending on our new kitchen! I know roughly what we’ll be spending, but won’t know the final figures until everything is finished. I wonder how I’ll feel about our finances, and further spending (there are plenty of house refurbishments we could spend money on), once I get used to the hole in our bank account that our kitchen used to fill!
  2. Passive income. I’m very aware that I only earn money from cat-sitting when I’m putting in the hours. I’d really like to find a way of earning money that will continue to pay an income after my initial investment of time.
  3. Reduce expenses. Are there ways to cut back? We’re spending more on food shopping, partly because we’ve slipped back into the habit of top-up shops, so maybe this is something we can look at.
  4. Update the blog. I’ve made a few draft changes, and need to finish them and get them on the live site.
  5. Write fiction. No specific goal here, but it’s still something I’d like to get further forward with this year.

By the end of this quarter, I want to feel more confident about how my current efforts are contributing to my goal of retiring early. I’m making progress, but there’s such a long way to go I need a bit of motivating intervention!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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