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I’m in my forties and have decided to spend a year thinking about money, specifically the balance between my future finances and having enough to live on right now.

After having a fright when I realised my pension isn’t forecast to be enough to live on, I want to find out what other people are doing to save money, earn more money, and build up a bigger retirement pot.

I’m going to be reading what other people say, and hopefully finding some answers to questions such as exactly how much should I be saving, how much do I need when I retire, and how do I build up a sum of money – all in a relatively short period of time, being as I’m forty-something not twenty.

I don’t get too excited at the prospect of reading about pensions and savings and their ilk – hopefully this approach will make it more fun, and I’ll find some inspiration if I go out of my way to look for it. I’d like to find some interesting ideas about money and wealth, and figure out what might work for me.

I think there are more important things in life than money, and also I don’t think that money can buy happiness if something is going wrong in another area of your life…but I also don’t want to be anxious and worried about not having enough to live on when I decide I want to give up work.

This is a way for me to stop pushing niggling worries to the back of my mind, and to focus instead on what I can do. I want to feel motivated and positive about taking some action, and hopefully pick up some practical tips on how to better manage my money.

I’d like to plan to have fun and be comfortable when I retire, while still being able to afford to enjoy myself now.

If nothing else, I’m hoping that by making a conscious decision to think about money, I’ll feel more in control and better about my finances.

If you’d like to get in touch, contact me at sarah@themoneydiary.co.uk

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